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  • Rachael Bissig

If you are making your own bread, visit Barbareño's Bodega

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Have you encountered a shortage of flour or are hesitant to go into the supermarket?

Well, I found a solution. Since the Stay-At-Home order we've been making all sorts of bread products. Sourdough, dinner rolls, pizza dough, garlic/parsley knots, tortillas. You name, we're making it. And.....we ran out of flour!

However, I quickly found a solution. The incredible restaurant Barbareño started selling flour, yeast, bottles of wine, bread - basically everything good. They sell both bread flour and all purpose flour at $1.00 a pound. We've been buying 5 pound bags. Also, dry yeast. I now have enough dry yeast to last the rest of my life.

Thanks for pulling through Barbareño....stay tuned for some bread recipes. 

Cameron holding some sourdough bread and 5lbs of flour.

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